Content Defects

This category includes problems that affect navigation within the website, such as broken links and anchors, and links to local files.

Broken Links
Research indicates that broken links are the top reason visitors leave a website. They can frustrate a user to the point where they leave the site in favor of another.

Broken Anchors
Anchors provide simple navigation through hyperlinks within pages and between pages. When you link to a web page, the browser opens the linked page at the beginning. However, you may want to link to a topic within the web page. This is achieved by linking to an anchor on the target page. Therefore, an anchor is a marked location other than the top of the target web page. Anchors are often used to navigate through long web pages, such as a table of contents.

Links to Local Files
If the web page contains links that point to files on your local server, users accessing your website from outside the network will not be able to view these pages; they appear as broken links.

Spelling Errors
WebXACT does not check your web page for this type of issue. For more information, click the learn more link.

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