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Style Sheets
The use of style sheets can also help your organization adhere to corporate standards. However, style sheets can be an aid and a barrier to accessibility. Many browsers do not support or may be configured to ignore style sheets. Some styles used on websites, such as BLINK or low-contrast color schemes, result in poor accessibility.

This is a graphical catalog of images used on the web page. You can review the images, identifying those that need to be updated or removed. It can also help you ensure that corporate standards, such as color scheme or the use of logos, are maintained.

Server-side Image Maps
This is a graphical catalog of the server-side image maps used on the web page.

Server side image maps are those for which the map information, or the coordinates of the clickable area, is stored on the web server. In comparison, client side image maps are those for which the map information is loaded with the image when a visitor accesses your web page. Images maps can be an accessibility issue because, under web accessibility guidelines, assistive devices can read URLs in client-side image maps, but not in server-side image maps.

Inline Multimedia Elements
This is a listing of the multimedia elements on used on the web page.

Multimedia files can be barriers to accessibility since some users may not be able to see video or flash files, or hear any audio files on your website. A text equivalent or subtitles must be provided to ensure that all users can access the information, regardless of the format. When website navigation is provided within the multimedia, alternative links must be provided to ensure visitors using assistive devices have full access to the website.

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